травня 20, 2011   |  

Day 5

It was the last day in this camp. After morning exercices we had breakfast and cookie break. =) There are some sweets left over from Nikita Belousov's Birthday. Than we had a task to make a film about our adventures. We had show a very cool experiment with the egg in our film. It was […]

травня 19, 2011   |  

Day 4

The morning was very sunny and warm and we with good mood had breakfast Then we got a task to answer some geographic questions and to do five visual illusions (one for each member of our team) We did 5 dragons, which look on you when you move right or left, up or down. I […]

травня 18, 2011   |  

Third day

This day was very interesting. When I woke up, birds were singing and sun was shining. Then Lilya and Alyona led morning exercises for us. After morning exercises we had breakfast. Breakfast was very tasty. Then we did more steps in our beautiful board game. Then we got a task to defend our forest territory […]

травня 17, 2011   |  

Second day

Today is 17th of May. This day was very interesting and amazing. I woke up at seven o’clock. At seven thirty we went to do morning exercises. I think that morning exercises is a very healthy and good time spending. After breakfast our team knew our results and our tasks. Than we did a second […]

травня 16, 2011   |  

First day

It was my first day in this camp. It was very cool. The camp “Zhuravushka” is very beautiful and green place because it is situated in the forest. We came at 10 o’clock. Than all of us went to their rooms. After lunch I with my team participated in the board game. The name of […]

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