Четвер, 19 Травня, 2011   |   Школа Афіни

Day 4

The morning was very sunny and warm and we with good mood had breakfast

Then we got a task to answer some geographic questions and to do five visual illusions (one for each member of our team)

We did 5 dragons, which look on you when you move right or left, up or down. I was really surprised that it works.

After that we got an area where we had to count amount of trees,

and weight of them and mark that on our map.

To calculate volume we should measure circuit of tree…

and height of that tree

Then we made geometric solids…

and calculated volume of them

Although we made Cycloid and cardioid.

An evening program began after all presentations were finished.

Gosha was performing magic fire tricks

Others were eating very tasty shish kebab and singing songs.