Вівторок, 17 Травня, 2011   |   Школа Афіни

Second day

Today is 17th of May. This day was very interesting and amazing. I woke up at seven o’clock. At seven thirty we went to do morning exercises. I think that morning exercises is a very healthy and good time spending.

After breakfast our team knew our results and our tasks. Than we did a second step in our beautiful game “80 days around the world”. We had a task to solve four brainteasers. Than we did our third step in our board game and get new experiments to do.

We made a compass using a bowl of water and the magnetized needle and fish from the wax that floated from a touch of soap.

Our team is leading now and I’m very happy about it.

Although it was very tasty and delicious to had lunch and coffee break with shish kebab from yesterday evening barbeque.

I really enjoy my time spending in this green, beautiful and cool camp.