Вівторок, 6 Грудня, 2011   |   Школа Афіни

School “Athens” took part in ECNAIS Conference

School “Athens” together with the Ukrainian delegation took part in ECNAIS Conference “The Independent Sector & Diversity in Education: Creating a Learning Society” (ECNAIS = the European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools).

The Conference took place in Warsaw, Poland on Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th of November 2011. There were delegations from 14 European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine. The Ukrainian Delegation was the largest one. 😉

During the Conference we had an opportunity to explore an overview of the different tracks in the policy and the public and academic debate about diversity in education. Together with researchers we have reflected on diversity in education from different concepts and from a variety of daily practices in schools. We took part in discussions about these two sites of diversity in education: the freedom of education and the freedom of parental choice on the one hand and the social responsibility of schools on the other hand.

We made new acquaintances which, as we hope, would stand school “Athens” and the Ukrainian education in good stead.

You can load archives with high resolution photos here:

Photos from Conference
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Joint photos of Conference
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Dinner in
Restaurant “Polka” (135 Mb)
Views of beautiful Warsaw and
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