Середа, 25 Травня, 2011   |   Школа Афіни

Дневник с “Погружения”. Понедельник

Diary. Monday.

Dear diary. Today is our first day at “Pogruzhenie”. First day was very interesting but difficult. At the first half of the day we arrived to the camp “Zhuravushka” from our school “Athens” in Kiev. In this camp we will live and learn new things. In the morning we learned rules of our game (our studies is game), safety engineering and our schedule. Then we went to the dinning room, where we ate very tasty food.

At the second half of the day we did math, geography, physical tasks or physical tests (tasks we take in the morning also). The coolest thing was the test with a balloon. This test we will show in our presentation. The day was very funny and informative. Lunch was tastier than dinner. And I don’t like that we are the eldest students at this “Pogruzhenie” because it is too hard to work without help of someone elder.