Середа, 25 Травня, 2011   |   Школа Афіни

Дневник с “Погружения”. Четверг

Day 4

Dear diary. Now is the 4th day of our study at nature. My pillow is so comfortable!!! Then we went to the morning exercises (exercises were not as difficult as before) after we had breakfast. We went to the meeting with teachers to get tasks. Tasks were very interesting. They were about optical illusions.

First of all, we did paper dragons. Paper dragon is an optical illusion which can move their head. It’s very interesting because dragon’s head is concave. And if you look at dragon’s head and turn yourself, dragon will turn his head. Later arrived Nikita Belousov, he had birthday. Next task was about geometric solids. We had to do different geometric solids like pyramid, cube, cylinder etc. and calculate their volume. Then we solved other theoretical questions.

Next task was so epic!! We had to measure each tree at some territory. This task we finished before dinner. Last task was a little boring because we carried small tests with coins. We draw Cardioida and Cikloida.

25052011166[1] – Video with “Dragon” illusion