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This is a stage where we performed our scene

четвер, Травень 26, 2011   |   Даниэлла Калигорская

3 day of «Pogryzhenie»

Today I will tell you about 18.05.11.

The day was very interesting! First, we did some exercises and then had breakfast. Then the teachers gave us some tasks that were not really easy but we’ve done them.

We were in India… each team had their territory where were hidden letters on trees, buildings and even under bushes.  The task was to find all the letters and to find out in what city are you and the other teams!!!

I really liked the task when we were hiding a bottle with a secret under the ground and then we drew a map for another team.

We didn't really have a good map but we all were working hard on it.

Oh… I will tell you about the last interesting task that we did.

It was the theatre!! We had to do a musical about how Chinese invented the compass.

It was very easy and exciting to look at each other in costumes and make up! Though the costumes were not really special, they were made of blankets, pillows, paper and that kind of stuff!)

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