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субота, Лютий 23, 2019   |   Ярослава Мозгова

Smarter communication

This year, Social faculty gave us a great opportunity to strengthen and improve our persuasive, critical and presentational abilities in communication. The Smart Communication course was leaded by Vyacheslav Rudnitskiy exclusively in English. During the study, each of us has faced some challenges like performing on stage, writing articles and business correspondence or preparing a speech. We have studied the psychology of communication, covered different new models of public presentation, for instance, ICE method (Idea Cite evidence Explanation) and PRES (Problem Reason Example Summary). These models can be really useful both in any business situation whether it is a presentation of a project or a dialogue with a friend.

By the end of the course all our fears have vanished without a trace. We became more confident and competent. Finally, we developed our analytical and communication skills which, for sure, will bring nothing but success and benefits to our future life.

Anna Rudya, Grade 11th

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