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Works And Days

About the Time and Ourselves

Our Life in the Art

And Is It All About Us?

Athens Academy


The section Works and Days will tell about weekdays and holidays of our school. You can also find general information about School, School's history and other useful information.

The section About the Time and Ourselves will give you an opportunity to look at us with our own eyes.

In the section named jokingly Our Life in the Art The Children's Art Gallery is mainly interesting. Here the selected scripts of our traditional performances are also included. These sketches are simple and, in its own way, amusing both to children and adults.

The section And Is It All About Us? is for the most inquisitive. There are reviews of our activity picked out of newspapers.

The section Athens Academy will make you acquainted with those pedagogical, scientific and human problems on which the "giants of thought" of the school "Athens" work besides their direct duty — to teach and bring up the children.

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